Download Voxx (for Windows XP and 7)

Voxx has been downloaded to over 6500 different PCs as of October 2011. The following map shows the geographic distribution of those PCs, based on their IP addresses.

Version 3 of Voxx should be posted in Q1'2012. It is based on a ray casting volume renderer which produces improved projection images. It also can handle 4D (3D time series) images which are too large to fit in video board memory - a memory size limitation present in all earlier versions of Voxx.


Version 2.15 of Voxx is available now. New features in this version of Voxx include the capability to import 3D and 4D (3D time series) images stored in numbered TIFF files (one focal plane or z image per file), as is commonly done by many confocal microscope programs (e.g. Olympus FV10-ASW). It also allows you to manually or automatically scale 3D image intensity based on an arbitrary function of depth (z) - to compensate for light absorption and scattering by tissue.


Version 2.09 is still available, which can be used in case one encounters problems with version 2.15. But it cannot import numbered TIFF files, and does not include depth-based intensity correction.


After you download the zip file containing Voxx, you will need to decompress them using WinZip, StuffIt, or any other archiving program that can handle the ZIP file format. Next move the Voxx folder wherever you would like - it does NOT have to be in C:\Program Files. Finally (optionally) create a shortcut on your desktop which is linked to voxx.exe in that folder. And you can have both version 2.15 and 2.09d of Voxx on your PC - just give their shortcuts different names (e.g. Voxx2.0 and Voxx2.1).

Sample 3D images that can be loaded and displayed by Voxx can be found at:


If you are unable to load/display any of these images, make sure that you have a video board which uses a GeForce or Radeon graphics processor. Voxx is not compatible with Intel graphics processors (used on many low-cost desktop and laptop/netbook PCs).

Questions about Voxx should be sent to